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When your pet’s health changes it’s best to consult your veterinarian.

Heart disease can have many symptoms in common with other illnesses and it is important to give your veterinarian the opportunity to evaluate your pet’s health. If your companion needs the expertise of a veterinary cardiologist, your veterinarian will guide you through the process of finding the specialist that is right for you. Let your vet know about Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology’s expertise and unique on-site services.

  • Non-invasive testing: Echocardiography, EKG, blood pressure
  • Team approach
  • Board-certified veterinary cardiologists

What is a veterinary cardiologist?

A veterinary cardiologist is a specialist in evaluating and diagnosing heart problems in your pet. Just like cardiologists for people, veterinary cardiologists have received years of training in the structure and function of the heart.

What can our veterinary cardiologists do for your pet?

By using non-invasive tests to diagnose heart disease, RMVC will work with you and your veterinarian to diagnose and plan a tailored treatment strategy to ensure the best quality of life for your companion.

What kinds of tests does RMVC offer?

RMVC works with you and your veterinarian to combine a thorough history with the results from non-invasive testing, such as cardiac ultrasound, contrast studies, short and long term EKG, and blood pressure, to make an accurate diagnosis. For more information on the types of testing we do, please see Diagnostics. We understand that caring for your loved one is a priority and can be very stressful. By using the most sophisticated, non-invasive diagnostics available, we are able to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan without causing significant stress to our patients.

What are some of the more common types of heart disease and conditions?

To Make An Appointment:

You can see us in one of our two hospitals (Alpenglow in Boulder and VRCC in Denver) or at one of the partner facilities we work with in Colorado Springs, Longmont and Basalt. We also see patients on a mobile basis at their family veterinarian’s office. For more information, please go to Contacts.

Alpenglow Patient Intake Form
If you are a new client seeing us at Alpenglow, please click here to complete the online patient intake form (this will take 10-15 minutes). Or, click here to download the form and fill it out by hand. If printing the form, please bring it with you to your first appointment.

VRCC Patient Intake Form
If you are a new client seeing us at Alpenglow, please click here to download the Client Intake form. Please bring the completed form to your first appointment.


Apply for Care Credit

Whether it’s a routine checkup or emergency surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to get the best medical care for the pet you love. That’s why we’re pleased to offer CareCredit®, North America’s leading client payment program. CareCredit® lets you say “yes” to the best treatment for your pet immediately, and pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit easily into your budget. Please note that RMVC offers 6 months interest-free financing through CareCredit.

Learn more by visiting or contacting our office.

For patients being seen at VRCC (Denver) – Apply Here

For patients being seen at Alpenglow (Boulder) – Apply Here